Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Cyber Education: Improving Education for Children Around the Globe

Cyber Education: Improving Education for Children Around the Globe

Online learning isn't just for working adults. In the Philippines, the Department of Education is encouraging critics to adopt an open mind towards cyber education in the public school classroom. Supporters of cyber education contend that it will save the government money, improve public school administration, and deliver quality education to children.

Cyber Education Goes Global

The Philippine project, officially named Cyber Ed, is set to be implemented in 2008. It follows in the footsteps of other countries that have already embraced cyber education, including the U.S., Canada, Chile, Mexico, El Salvador, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, Thailand, Indonesia, India, and China.

Project Cyber Ed

The cyber education project in the Philippines plans to connect the country's schools to a nationwide network. The network will provide schools with 12 video channels and wireless Internet connectivity. Children will have access to live broadcasts that feature lectures from master teachers. The country's 400,000 public school teachers will also use the system for improved teacher training.
Overall, the Department of Education expects cyber education to save billions for the government. Supporters are approaching the forthcoming project with optimism and strong hope for the nation's children.

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