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Newspapers in Education..

Newspapers in Education

Published: May 01. 2012 4:00AM PST

What is Newspapers in Education (NIE)?

It's a cooperative effort among newspapers, local businesses and schools working together to provide the most up-to-date textbook on the market today – the newspaper – as a tool of instruction to Central Oregon area classrooms. During the 2007-08 school year, nearly 200 Central Oregon teachers took advantage of the program – at all grade levels, at-risk youth programs, Boys and Girls Clubs, and adult basic education classes. You can help support NIE by donating your newspapers to the program when you go on vacation.

Are newspapers an effective tool in the classroom?

A recent study commissioned by the Newspaper Association of America shows that students who read newspapers in the classroom score at least 10% higher on reading tests than those who are not exposed to newspapers in school. Scores for minority students are as much as 29% higher when they use newspapers. The NIE program is used to teach social studies, language arts, math, science, history, and many other areas.

Why newspapers in the classroom?

As education budgets are cut, those cuts ultimately spill over into curriculum, forcing schools to use out-dated textbooks and other materials. Even new textbooks are already outdated. Newspapers, on the other hand, rewrite history every day, making them to most up-to-date textbooks on the market.

The Bulletin's commitment

Because we believe every child deserves to learn about the community and the world in which they live, and because we believe education is a community responsibility, The Bulletin currently funds 75% the cost of classroom newspapers, and 100% of the costs of special curriculum guides, educational supplements, teacher guides and teacher workshops. Business partners and vacationing subscribers fund the remaining 25%.

Knowledge is power

Classroom newspapers help:

• Provide teachers with tools they need to educate and motivate students.

• Enhance and reinforce their curriculum no matter the subject area.

• Students learn about the world as it is today.

• Encourage kids to think creatively and become more conscientious and active citizens, ready to play positive roles in their communities and our democracy.

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