Friday, 23 March 2012

Important Note

In the Internet age, it is critically important to understand that any information that you send electronically or place on a remote web-site (or even on a computer at a public place) may be accessed by other individuals regardless of whether you allow them to do so or not. In this context, please keep the following guidelines in mind all the time:

  • You should never share your password with anyone. Doing so may divulge your personal information that you may not have wanted to share
  • Your login ID and password are also the custodians of your academic efforts. Allowing access to your work may enable an unscrupulous individual to copy your work and claim it as his/her own. The University has a zero-tolerance policy on copying and plagiarism and all participants in such activity will get a zero grade as a minimum
  • You will be personally held responsible for all actions performed through your e-mail or LMS accounts, since both of these are password protected and only you are supposed to know your password.

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