Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Internet: Risks or Advantages in Education

Will the Internet revolutionize education in the future, or will the old methods of teaching still be applided?
Let's see what YOUR opinion is in the article that follows.


  1. Introduction
  2. Positive aspects
  3. Negative aspects
  4. Conclusion
  5. Information and opinion source 

1. Introduction: During this time, we have been gathering the whole
information that you have sent us about the proposed topic and we
now reveal to

 2. Positive aspects: One of the advantages that most of you have written about
was the large ammount of information, which is fast an easy to
access and is sufficiently general to be useful for school
projects or homework. Some of the places to find such useful
data were online encyclopedias, search engines, discussion forums.

Another positive aspect presented was the idea of more freedom
to plan your own learning schedule: no more stress and an independent
way of planning your educational activities.

Of course, we might also add the fact that we you can save a lot of
time by using modern means of communication, such as e-mail or messengers.
you our presentation of your opinion.

 3. Negative aspects: Although the Internet seems to offer advantages only
in education, if we take a closer look on what replacing our traditional methods
of teaching would be like, we might want to think again before making
such a decision...


An important aspect that you have pointed out is the fact that school
is not only an institution for learning, but more like a community. The
main objective of teachers may not be the one of teaching their subject,
but the one of preparing ourselves for the life we have ahead of us.
And they cannot achieve this by chatting with us on the Internet, can they?

Secondly, what about all your friends at school? Do you think that you
would have the same great time on the Internet as you were having when you
were getting together at school? How would you have met most of your friends
at all if it weren't for school?

Leaving the improvement of social skills behind for now, you also mentioned
problems such as addiction, untrusted sources of information and lack of
detail or even health problems such as eye illnesses. Another aspect is
the one that the Internet is also a source of fun, and there is the possibility
of wasting time instead of learning.

Oh, and I almost forgot: will humanity forget the feeling of reading a book?

 4. Conclusion: To sum up, it is necessary to say that although the Internet has many features that could
make the learning process more easy and handy for students, the social disadvantages that it posesses
may be worth some concern and should be taken into account, just as YOU did!


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